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Protecting Your Family And Home From Pests

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How do you feel when you step into your home? Do your shoulders immediately relax? Do you breathe a sigh of relief that you’re finally back in a space where you feel comfortable and content? Those feelings should be the goal for any homeowner, but there are plenty of things that can get in the way of making them a reality. Pests are one of those things. 

A pest infestation in your home will immediately make your house a more stressful space. Whether you’re chasing flies around while trying to swat them or worrying about the sounds you hear coming from your attic, pests do not belong in your home. Double C Pest Control of Weimar has been providing homes with effective pest control services for more than 20 years.

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Our Home Pest Control

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Protecting your home from pests requires the removal and elimination of the pests that are already present, as well as ongoing prevention to make sure new pests don’t show up. Double C Pest Control provides both elimination and prevention services to fully protect your home and family.

You can expect to hear from us prior to any appointment, so you know we’re coming when we say we will. The first time we come to your house, we’ll take the time to introduce ourselves and talk with you about your pest concerns. We’ll then inspect your home, starting with the areas where you’ve noticed a problem, then moving to both interior and exterior areas to get a full picture of your pest control needs. We’ll even inspect the attic and crawl space or basement if needed.

Our initial service includes interior and exterior treatments. As a family-owned company, we know how important your family’s health and safety are to you, which is why we are always careful to use products in your house that are both child-friendly and pet-friendly. We don’t cut corners and only use top-quality products and the most effective treatment methods.

We recommend bimonthly service for most homes. These maintenance services ensure your home remains pest-free. During each visit, we will catch any potential problems before they have a chance to take root. Our maintenance services are typically done on the exterior only unless an interior service is needed.

We care about your satisfaction and about delivering the results you need. All of our services are 100% guaranteed, so if you see pests between services, contact us and we’ll return to your house at no extra charge to take care of any issues.

Covering All Your Pest Control Needs

Our Specialty Services

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Our home pest control protects your house from the pests that commonly get inside homes throughout the year in the Weimar and surrounding areas. We also offer other services that are specific to the exterior of your property. 

We provide tree treatments to keep the trees around your property healthy and looking their best. We will provide a fertilizing treatment for your trees to help them grow big and strong, as well as a treatment to eliminate moss and worms that could damage, sicken, or kill your trees.

We also offer mosquito control treatments. Mosquitoes are a major problem around properties, and as annoying and itchy as their bites can be, what’s even worse are the diseases spread through those bites. Keeping mosquitoes off your property entirely may not be possible, but Double C Pest Control can eliminate the majority of them. Our mosquito services are done on a monthly basis and we have three packages available to choose from. Conventional and green mosquito control services are available. Learn more about each option by visiting our Mosquito Control page.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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We offer free inspections to our customers. We’ll first talk with you to determine what pests you’ve seen and where you’ve seen them, and will use this information to start our inspection in those areas. From there, we’ll move throughout your house, both inside and out, to identify pest activity, entry points, conducive conditions, and more.

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Our treatments are designed around your home’s unique needs. The first time we treat your house, we’ll provide services around the interior and the exterior. We use only the highest quality products and we use the most cutting-edge methods to ensure your house gets the best results to eliminate your pest problems.

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Bimonthly services are the best bet for residential properties. By having recurring treatments applied, you can stop pests before they get into your house. Our maintenance services include providing a protective barrier around the exterior of your home to keep pests out all year round. Interior service is also available if the need arises.

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